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1 The modern pair of classical style urns of typical form, each decorated to the body with lion ring handles, raised floral and ribbon motifs, resting upon plinths embellished with paterae, painted cream.
Height: 62cm Width: 40cm Depth: 35cm
SOLD $370
2 circa 1900
Comprising a large rectangular domed food cloche, a twin-handled preserving pan and another with an iron swing handle, all with riveted brass and iron handles.
Height: 11cm Diameter: 35cm (pot) and smaller;
Height: 19cm Length: 46cm Width: 35.5cm (cover)
SOLD $160
3 circa 1900
Comprising a very large straight-sided preserving pan with a rolled rim and riveted brass handles, together with a kettle and a jug.
Height: 15cm Diameter: 53cm (pot) Height: 27.5cm (kettle) and smaller
SOLD $210
4 circa 1900
Comprising to brass and copper rectangular and circular bain-marie pots, one missing cover, heavy gauge with riveted brass handles and 'Galliers & Klaerr St. Kilda' stamp, together with three oval and circular cooking pots missing covers and a saucepan.
Height: 16cm Length: 37cm Width: 23.5cm (oval pot) and other
SOLD $250
5 circa 1900
The tall marble pedestal hand carved in the Renaissance taste, with a stepped oval moulded top above a knopped tapering shaft with relief carved foliate border, and entwined vegetal forms with acanthus detailing, over a waisted socle support to an octagonal base, in four parts.
Height: 114cm Length: 44cm Width: 40cm
SOLD $750
6 early 20th century
The taxidermy full body mount lion cub modelled lying down with eyes, claws and full tail.
Height: 42cm Length: 102cm Width: 55cm
SOLD $1800
7 Mounted by Van Ingen & Van Ingen, Mysore, circa 1930
The Indian taxidermy tiger skin (Panthera Tigris) with a full head mount, claws and tail, with cloth and navy felt backing, stencilled to the reverse 'Van Ingen & Van Ingen, Mysore'.
Length: 312cm Width: 236cm
SOLD $9800
8 early 20th century
The taxidermy lioness skin (Panthera leo) with a full head mount, claws and tail, with orange wool and brown felt backing.
Length: 212cm Width: 162cm
SOLD $2000
9 Circa 1900
The copper set of five straight-sided graduated saucepans, with tin lined interiors and rivet joined cast steel handles.
Height: 10cm Diameter: 20cm and smaller
10 Circa 1900
The copper set of five straight-sided graduated saucepans, with tin lined interiors and rivet joined cast iron handles.
Height: 9cm Diameter: 18cm and smaller
SOLD $140
11 Circa 1900
The copper set of five straight-sided graduated saucepans, with rivet joined cast brass handles.
Height: 9.5cm Diameter: 18cm and smaller
12 Circa 1900
The copper set of five straight-sided graduated saucepans, with rivet joined cast iron handles.
Height: 9.5cm Diameter: 20.5cm and smaller
SOLD $130
13 Circa 1900
The copper set of five straight-sided graduated saucepans with rivet joined cast brass handles
Height: 9.5cm Diameter: 18.5cm and smaller
14 Circa 1900
The heavy gauge copper set of three straight-sided graduated saucepans with rivet joined cast steel handles.
Height: 10cm Diameter: 23.5cm and smaller
SOLD $100
15 Circa 1900
The copper set of five heavy gauge straight-sided graduated saucepans with rivet joined cast iron handles, the largest stamped 'Lecellier Villedieu'.
Height: 10.5cm Diameter: 20.5cm and smaller
16 Circa 1900
The heavy gauge copper set of four straight-sided graduated saucepans with rivet joined cast steel handles.
Height: 13cm Diameter: 22.5cm and smaller
SOLD $110
17 Comprising an antique polished brass weighted doorstop with a moulded basket of grapes and extended lug handle, a pair of Louis XV style cast brass wall brackets, and a single Florentine style painted wood one with traditional scrolling leaf design.
Length: 36cm (door stopper) and smaller
SOLD $130
18 19th century
Made from a single piece of birch, the large ladle with an oval rounded bowl and an integral handle with a hook on the rear for hanging or resting on the side of a barrel, with pleasant grain of honey tone with patination.
Length: 42.5cm
SOLD $80
19 Last quarter, 19th century
Comprising one sterling silver mounted with a domed screw-off cover on a gold-flecked milk glass egg-shaped body (1887 Birmingham, with maker's mark for Charles May), a brass mounted one on a brown-flecked porcelain body painted to simulate a seagull's egg, inscribed with registration number (dating from 1884), and one brass-mounted with a frosted amethyst glass body.
Length: 6.5cm and smaller
SOLD $170
20 19th century
The hinged cover opening to an arrangement of compartments and removable tray, each containing a selection of speckled birds eggs, most with labels incl brown hawk, dove, kink-silvereye etc.
Height: 12cm Length: 35.5cm Width: 23cm
SOLD $800
21 20th century. The square samples woven in a repeat lozenge polychrome pattern, possibly dyed silk.
Height: 41.5cm Width: 39cm (includes frame)
SOLD $40
22 Liz Souter (Australia 1936-2017), c2005
The bespoke Palembang rattan and stained pine kindling basket with rolling pin and brass side handles, with maker's stamp on medallion hanging from one side.
Height: 20cm Length: 58cm Width: 12cm
SOLD $150
23 19th century
The simply constructed softwood bucket with bands and bail handle, missing the lid, with three Victorian wooden clothes pegs inside.
Height: 28cm Diameter: 31cm
SOLD $90
24 Comprising a Minton ceramic tea caddy after a design by Christopher Dresser, modelled in the form of a tea bundle, glazed in cream with gilt highlights, missing its cover, with printed mark used 1912-1950 underside, together with an antique Indo-Persian wall tile, an English ceramic strainer ladle with a turned pine handle, a pair of decorative metal candle shades, a crackle painted small planter with spaniel decoration, and a vintage test tube stem flower display stand.
Height: 17cm Length: 21cm Width: 21cm (planter)
SOLD $60
25 Comprising a signed oval miniature after Elisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun's self-portrait with her daughter Julie, with gilt surrounds, in sunburst pattern ivorine and gilt metal rectangular frame, two small silver clad rectangular photo frames (1916 Birmingham, Green & Cadbury Ltd), a silver thimble, and an English porcelain floral box. As found. Height: 14.5cm Width: 12.5cm (frame) SOLD $130
26 Venice, first half 20th century
The shaped frame with arched trefoil pediment enclosing an arched bevelled mirror plate, decorated with floral garlands on a white ground, with easel back.
Height: 37cm Width: 26cm
SOLD $360
27 late 19th century
Possibly a late 19th century miniature portrait of Mrs. Currie after a portrait pastel by John Russell, on card, housed in a circular brass egg and dart easel frame, signed 'Delprat D. John Russell'.
Diameter: 10cm
SOLD $200
28 Circa 1775
The pale blue jasper oval portrait medallion, impressed 'Garrick' to the front and
'Wedgwood & Bentley' to the reverse.
Height: 27cm Width: 32.5cm Depth: 19.5cm
Length: 9cm Width: 5.5cm
SOLD $560
29 East Africa, 19th century
The antique elephant ivory tusk section arm or upper arm bracelet with fine patination.
Length: 11cm Width: 9.5cm
SOLD $200
30 Comprising a silver mounted Agate Burnisher with ivory handle, inscribed 'R.Wedgwood', a carved bone apple corer, possibly Australian Colonial, a finely carved bone foliate bookmark and a pierced ivory letter opener.
Length: 20cm and smaller
SOLD $70
31 Entwined figures maquette. Painted metal and wood, unsigned.
Gifted by the artist to the vendor in 1958.
Height: 25cm
SOLD $950
32 Panorama of Service in Westminster
Height: 39cm Width: 166.5cm (includes frame)
33 20th century
The cast brass tripod candlestick, with masks and scrolls decoration, raised on ball and claw feet.
Height: 29.5cm
SOLD $50
34 Pierre Le Faguays (1892-1962), circa 1925
The bronze figure of a dramatically poised ribbon dancer raised on one foot, beside a cherub playing the accordion, upon on brown veined white marble base raised upon a portoro marble plinth, with incised 'Le Faguays' signature to the marble.
Height: 28.5cm Length: 60cm Width: 10.5cm
35 after Edward McCartan (American, 1879-1947), 20th century
Modelled in the classical style depicting a nude Diana standing and her hound, signed 'E McCartan' to the integral base, raised upon a black marble plinth.
Height: 33cm Width: 18cm Depth: 10cm
SOLD $360
36 by Menneville but unsigned, circa 1930s
The fine model of a seated woman modishly attired in a cloche and a patterned draping gown, with a borzoi by her side, her left arm over a water urn, beside a clock with a circular dial with Arabic numerals set within a black marble shaped panel, the whole upon a black marble base faced with green onyx tiles.
Height: 31.5cm Length: 66cm Width: 20.5cm
37 late 19th century
With a Roman numeral enamelled dial within a Napoleon III style case mounted with the figure of a medieval attired seated woman holding a dove, on an ebonised oval base, missing the glass dome, with key and pendulum.
Height: 40cm Width: 30cm Depth: 13cm
SOLD $220
38 Circa 1930s
Depicting a combat between the two eagles at the top of a mountain, each with spread wings and open beaks, impressed 'Bronze' and signed 'Badini' to the side, raised on a thick veined black marble base fronted with white onyx inserts.
Height: 46cm Length: 62cm Width: 58cm
SOLD $550
39 20th century
The dynamic figure of a nude woman leaping with a scarf wrapped around her body as if floating in the air, on a circular integral base signed 'Aldo Vitaleh', mounted on circular black marble stand.
Height: 49cm
SOLD $210
40 circa 1920
In the manner of Lorenzl, modelled as a female dancer balanced on one leg, her arms and left leg extended behind her body, dressed in a flowing dress and halter top, raised on a waisted circular onyx base, apparently unmarked.
Height: 34cm
SOLD $300
41 circa 1920
Modelled as Diana the huntress throwing a spear in a dynamic posture, raised on a rectangular onyx platform base, apparently unmarked.
Height: 29cm
42 Circa 1880
The impressive French clock with a Roman numeral black dial and contrasting ornate gilt surround, enclosed in an upright black marble shaped case with breakfront stepped base, coppered bronze mounted with pierced scrolls, fruiting vines, gadroons, acanthus leaves, and surmounted with a shell and mask, the front incised and gilded with floral sprigs, with eight-day bell striking movement and raised on toupie feet, with key and pendulum. H: 60cm W: 38cm D: 17.5cm
43 Moise Bolviller, Paris, late 19th century
In the style of French officer campaign clocks, the rectangular timber cased time only clock with brass stringing, stepped plinth base, glazed slide, cast swing handle, the dial painted with Roman numerals, Breguet style hands, the barrel movement numbered 475 and stamped 'Bolviller à Paris', with key and pendulum.
Height: 22cm Width: 15cm Depth: 13cm
SOLD $520
44 20th century
Modelled as a cold painted fairy sitting upon a veined anthracite marble pedestal.
Height: 23cm
SOLD $200
45 20th century
Modelled as a stylised dancer in full recline with leg upright, on a square base signed 'Milo', upon a veined anthracite marble pedestal.
Height: 36cm
46 circa 1920
In the manner of Lorenzl, modelled as a female dancer balanced on one leg with her arms extended, dressed in a long jacket, raised on a waisted circular onyx base, apparently unmarked.
Height: 30.5cm
SOLD $150
47 Des. Richard Good (1979) for Arthur Imhof S.A, 1981.
The gilt brass square frame mounted on an ebonised wood plinth, surmounted by a terrestrial globe marked in gilt on a lacquered black ground, raised on a drum movement with annular 24-hour dial, the silvered dial with Roman and Arabic numerals. This clock was designed by British watchmaker Richard Good with the goal of being able to view the time at a glance in all parts of the world.
H 28 cm, L: 22.5 cm, W: 22.5 cm
SOLD $350
48 The solid brass corniche case with bevelled glass panels enclosing a silvered chapter ring with Roman numerals centering moon phase aperture, signed 'Matthew Norman Swiss made', with subsidiary dials for day, date and alarm setting, the movement with gilt platform straight line lever escapement with screwed monometallic balance, striking the hour and half hour and repeating the hour on gong, with separate alarm train, inscribed 'eleven jewels, unadjusted, Swiss made, movement, Matthew Norman Switzerland 1781', with brown leather hard case, double-ended custom key & original book-style outer case. H: 13.5cm W: 10cm D: 9cm $0
49 20th century
The Georgian style smaller size long case clock with a break-arch pediment, arched door flanked by fluted pilasters, with a brass dial marked Tempus Fugit, with weights and pendulum.
Height: 116cm Width: 32cm Depth: 18cm
SOLD $270
50 circa 1890
The German wall clock with a brass and enamel Roman numerals dial in a walnut moulded case with mask and finials pediment and turned half-columns, fitted with a spring wound 8-Day time and strike movement, complete with gridiron pendulum and key.
Length: 91cm Width: 38cm Depth: 18cm
SOLD $260
51 Number 107 of 110 clocks, circa 1988 Inspired by 16th century lantern clocks, the bespoke brass lantern clock, wall mounted with weights and pendulum, chiming on the hour and half hour, with backing plate, numbered 107 of 110 clocks engineered by Owen H. Knight (1914-1998), accompanied by a letter from the maker. This brass clock with backing plate is 600mm in length and the pendulum extending a further 700mm weighs in at 12kg. The clock is affixed to the back plate and shelf of 150mm x 160mm.
Length: 63cm Width: 17cm Depth: 18cm
SOLD $300
52 19th century
The wall barometer and thermometer in a cedar case with carved scrolling pediment, printed paper back 'Adapted for the Southern Hemisphere' with rack and pinion verniers, silvered thermometer scale, with remains of Thomas Gaunt label verso.
Height: 116cm Width: 25.5cm Depth: 9cm
SOLD $440
53 Guillaume Coustou (France 1677-1746), circa 1900
Each depicting a rearing horse with a fleece to its back being restrained by its groom holding the bridle, on a naturalistically moulded base, with cast 'Coustou' signature to the base, each on oval ebonised timber bases.
Height: 43cm Length: 33cm Width: 16cm
SOLD $150
54 early 20th century and later
Comprising a cold-painted bronze model of a male golden pheasant with polychrome plumage, unmarked, probably Austrian in the style of Bergman, a small cold-painted spelter model of kingfisher upon a branch supporting a clear glass bowl, together with a cold-painted bronze songbird perched on a tree branch, unmarked.
Height: 16.5cm Length: 33cm and smaller
SOLD $200
55 Possibly Northern Qi, Tang Dynasty, 6-7th century.
The standing figures of two attendants wearing long sleeve tunics fastened at the waist, one with a tall peaked hat, with remining traces of white and red pigments.
Height: 29cm and smaller
SOLD $480
56 Possibly Han Dynasty
The jar of ovoid form with a short neck, moulded in relief to the shoulders with a band of wild animals and equestrian hunters bounding over waves, between two ring bands, the underside unglazed.
Height: 13cm Diameter: 14.5cm
SOLD $100
57 In the Warring States period style, the ding of compressed globular form, the unadorned rounded sides divided by a raised fillet, flanked by a pair of upright handles, missing its cover, on tripod cast legs.
Height: 22.5cm Diameter: 24cm
SOLD $180
58 first half 20th century
The slender tapering vase with a short flared neck, engraved throughout with the 'wayang kulit' figures of Vibhishana and Princess Shinta in shaped reserves between patterned geometric and lotus flower borders, unmarked.
Height: 33cm
SOLD $50
59 possibly Southern Song Dynasty
The mallet-shaped (Kinuta) vase, well-potted with a cylindrical body, canted shoulder and cylindrical neck with an everted dish-shaped mouth, set to the neck with a pair of stylised phoenix handles, covered overall with an even glaze of soft sea-green tone falling just above the edge of the foot, also glazed to the inside of the foot, leaving the foot ring unglazed, with some wide crackle in the glaze.
Height: 17.5cm
SOLD $340
60 late Ming and Qing Dynasty
The larger one with a squat globular body surmounted by a tall flared neck set on shoulders with a bulbous spout, the sides painted with birds on rockwork and fruiting trees below a band of scrolls and upright stiff leaves, the smaller and later one with repair to the body.
Height: 18cm and smaller
SOLD $270
61 The high shouldered square section stoneware vase, covered purple flambe glaze suffused with blue, thinning over the corners and rim, unmarked, with an export-type seal and label with inscriptions to one side.
Height: 13cm
SOLD $930
62 Comprising a Fukagawa Seiji porcelain bonbonnière of hexagonal faceted form, decorated with a brocade blue and red flowers pattern, with impressed and printed marks underside, a single satsuma teacup with figures in landscape, and two matching coffee cup and teacup duos, each marked underside.
Height: 7cm (box) Diameter: 13.5cm (saucer)
SOLD $60
63 19th and 20th century
Comprising a Chinese famille rose turquoise ground square form stem dish, finely decorated to the interior with flower heads, bird and scrolls, with Tongzhi period mark to the underside, a Chinese export brush pot of scroll form foils, polychrome decorated with the eight auspicious symbols upon a blue ground, together with a small boat form serving dish, with floral and fish decoration to the interior and exterior upon red and sea-green grounds.
Height: 15.5cm and smaller
SOLD $810
64 possibly Yuan Dynasty
The well-potted circular washer or dish with deep rounded sides and flattened rim, moulded in relief to the centre with twin fish, with a moulded cavetto and covered overall with an even glaze of pale olive-green tone, the inside of the foot unglazed.
Height: 5cm Diameter: 20cm
SOLD $420
65 Possibly Sui Dynasty
The small circular box potted with a countersunk base and a slightly domed cover, applied to the exterior with a clear glaze, the unglazed base and rims revealing the chalky white body, the cover with concentric rings and slightly protruding octagonal modelled rim.
Height: 5.5cm Diameter: 10.5cm
SOLD $90
66 Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
The circular dish with a foliate form everted rim, fluting to the cavetto, covered in an even glaze of bluish-green tone.
Height: 3cm Diameter: 19cm
67 20th century
Comprising a Chinese reconstituted red amber zodiac ball, relief carved with the twelve zodiac animals, a pair of guardian lions, an amber scorpion, a reclining deity and other items.
Height: 7cm Width: 21.5cm (reclining lady)
SOLD $170
68 The four section inros, one engraved with a geisha, the other with a karako, with birds on branches and rockwork to the reverse, with cords and ojime bead, unmarked.
Length: 7.5cm Width: 6cm
SOLD $110
69 20th century
The delicate bowl with slightly rounded sides, incised to the interior with children at play in foliate setting, with shaped rim, unmarked.
Height: 8cm Diameter: 25cm
SOLD $160
70 The small stoneware vase with a slender neck and trumpet mouth, covered in a thick white glaze and overglaze decorated with a seated figure, with an export-type seal and label with inscriptions to one side.
Height: 13.5cm
71 Comprising two small bottle vases with flower heads decoration on yellow and iron red ground, two blue glazed miniature jar and vase, a globular persimmon glazed vase with gilt floral designs, together with a cylindrical vase with powder blue glaze on a carved wooden stand, and a Yixing teapot with internal fish, fish feet and finial.
Height: 17cm and smaller
SOLD $320
72 Late Ming to Qing dynasty
Comprising four Minyao blue and white shallow porcelain bowls decorated to the interior with butterflies, stylized bat and scrolls on a light grey white ground, together with a deeper Swatow bowl with floral, scale and geometric panel decoration, the interior with Chinese key border, with kiln mark underside.
Height: 6cm Diameter: 24cm and smaller
SOLD $100
73 20th century
The pair of Tang-style caparisoned Ferghana horses, each standing four-square on a rectangular base, the head harnessed and turned slightly to the left, with open mouth, pricked ears, the parcel glazed striated mane tossed to the left side of the neck, with chest and crupper straps suspending medallions picked out in amber against the blue glazed body.
Height: 38cm Width: 39cm
SOLD $210
74 The Qianlong style bowl with rounded sides decorated to the exterior with individually coloured five-clawed dragons upon a yellow ground with polychrome clouds, framed by ruyi borders on turquoise ground, the interior with a dragon medallion to the well, unmarked, with original patterned red silk fitted case.
Height: 9cm Diameter: 19.5cm
SOLD $210
75 late Meiji period, early 20th century
The Satsuma vase of elongated ovoid form with a short rim, finely painted and gilded with trailing black and white wisteria, with a gilt two-character mark to the underside.
Height: 9.5cm
SOLD $100
76 Qing Dynasty, later 19th century
Of slender rectangular form, finely carved throughout with myriad figures engaged in pursuits in garden and pavilion settings surrounded by dense foliage, with a probably later removable top section stamped 'STG SIL', with fine patination.
Length: 8.5cm Width: 5.5cm
SOLD $190
77 early 20th century
The figure fashioned as an elegant lady standing in traditional dress and hairstyle, mounted upon a rectangular wooden base.
Height: 20.5cm
SOLD $150
78 Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
The provincial Ming dish decorated to the interior with a central qilin amongst clouds, with a scrolls and parenthesis border to the shaped rim, the exterior Diameter 20cm
SOLD $160
79 20th century
Comprising a pair of Chinese green Peking glass tea bowls, a jade necklace with colour enhanced round beads of uniform size, a small glass elephant, an apple form green glass snuff bottle, and a carved agate urn and cover (a/f to finial) with relief carved reserves of flowers, deer and stork, the translucent stone of even greyish tone, raised on an openwork wooden stand.
Height: 18cm and Smaller Length: 33cm (beads)
SOLD $70
80 Qing Dynasty, 19th century
The Kangxi style shallow circular plate, underglaze blue painted with a central circular panel of four warriors in rocky landscape bearing polearm, ji and halberd, within concentric circles and surrounded by scrolling motifs to the cavetto.
Diameter: 25.5cm
SOLD $180
81 Comprising a stem bowl decorated with overglaze bird on branches, a nine-peach globular box and cover, a Republic Period paste box with figural decoration surrounded by black painted Chinese key border, a small rectangular box with erotic scenes to the interior, and a pair of small dishes, some with Qianlong seal marks to the underside.
Height: 10cm Diameter: 13.5cm and smaller
SOLD $120
82 possibly Yuan Dynasty
The circular dish with a deeply fluted cavetto and rim, applied in the centre with two unglazed charcoal fish in high relief, the scales and fins well defined, covered overall with an even glaze of pale bluish-green tone with unglazed foot ring.
Height: 5cm Diameter: 18cm
SOLD $160
83 Comprising a Chinese carved hardstone seal with a reticulated mythical beast top, the translucent light grey stone, two probably Japanese carved tagua nut okimonos of a duck and a frog, a small ink stone, two carved jade Buddha head and disc pendants, pair of carved stone walnuts, miniature cloisonné pot, wooden box with bone inlaid panels etc. (14 items)
Height: 8cm (seal)
SOLD $150
84 Possibly Republic Period
The textured silk scroll with wash painting of floral sprays, signed with inscriptions.
Length: 129.5cm Width: 62.5cm
SOLD $80
85 Comprising a four-tier set of Chinese stacking dishes with floral and foliate decoration, missing the cover, a late 19th Cantonese export teacup, a square form stem dish decorated with flower vase on stand and auspicious objects, with seal mark to the underside, together with a small Republic jar with figural decoration and inscriptions.
Height: 12.5cm Diameter: 12cm and smaller
SOLD $90
86 Comprising a c1950s Arita fruit bowl, the interior decorated with insects and birds in underglaze blue, heightened in gilt, iron red and brown with spiderwebs, the exterior glazed in powder blue with raised polychrome medallions, signed to the underside, possibly Fukawaga, together with a Vietnamese eggshell lacquer rectangular box and cover with linear myriad eggshells design.
Height: 12.5cm Diameter: 26cm (bowl)
Height: 3.5cm Length: 30.5cm Width: 21.5cm (box)
SOLD $50
87 20th century
The baluster form jar decorated to the body with six applied qilin moulded in shallow relief upon a blue crackle glazed body and below a lappet border, the domed cover with a wavy rim with applied medallions and elephant handle, with remnants of an export-type seal to the side.
Height: 33cm Diameter: 23cm
SOLD $40
88 Early 20th century
The extensive set comprising a teapot, coffee pot, 2 sugar bowls, 2 creamers, 9 teacups and saucers, 8 coffee cups and saucers, with extra saucers, each decorated in bright enamel highlights over transfer with geishas in outdoor exotic setting with lake and mountainous landscape, stamped to the underside.
Height: 20.5cm and smaller
89 20th century
Complete with 144 bone and bamboo tiles, sticks and counters, instructions, in its original fitted case.
Height: 5.5cm Length: 32.5cm Width: 19.5cm (case)
SOLD $410
90 Possibly late Qing
The Chinese export charger of circular form, decorated with central scene of houses on a river, surrounded by borders of cross hatching, the exterior with foliate sprays, with old paper label underside.
Height: 6cm Diameter: 40cm
SOLD $370
91 19th and 20th century
Comprising nine Southeast Asian porcelain stem dishes of various sizes, each painted to the interior and exterior with floral design, unmarked.
Height: 7.5cm Diameter: 19cm and smaller
SOLD $100
92 Comprising two figural carved soapstone Chinese circular plaques (losses to one), an archaistic carved dark jade bi disc, relief carved on both sides with mythical creatures, together with a polished leopard skin jasper teardrop pendant.
Diameter: 28.5cm and smaller
93 Comprising a late Meiji Japanese Imari pagoda form porcelain lamp base, missing the pierced mid-section, hexagonal form with stepped foot, pagoda removable cover, decorated with floral reserves on alternating blue and iron red ground, needs wiring; a porcelain ginger jar in typical Imari palette with green detailing, missing cover, together with a Wileman and Co. (pre-Shelley) 'Blue Japan' Imari pattern China plate, with a slightly scalloped gilt rim, the underside with green printed backstamp used 1895-1910 and pattern number 9764.
Height: 37.5cm (lamp) Diameter: 23.5cm (plate)
SOLD $70
94 late 20th century
Comprising 4 reverse painted glass snuff bottles, 9 porcelain snuff bottles, 2 filigree ones, 2 painted milk glass, 1 cinnabar style, 1 red and clear Peking glass and a carved jade one, together with a blue and white porcelain beads necklace and a white metal filigree box; some of the snuff bottles in original cases, some missing stoppers.
Height: 8.5cm and Smaller (bottles) Length: 36.5cm (necklace)
SOLD $340
95 Late Meiji Period, late 19th century
The charger with rounded sides raised on a ring foot, hand decorated to the interior with a procession of figures, below shaped panels of flowering branch and a pavilion in mountainous landscape, gilt metal mounted with a pierced castellated rim (likely Continental) with handles in the form of birds in flight.
Height: 8cm Diameter: 36cm
SOLD $100
96 20th century
The baluster form vase decorated with four applied flowerheads moulded in shallow relief, separated by
floral sprays and framed by lotus patterned borders, upon a blue crackle glazed body, with remnants of an export-type seal to the everted rim.
Height: 43cm
SOLD $70
97 20th century
The pair of adjustable reading lamps with bottle vase porcelain bases decorated with floral sprays and insects, each fitted with brass sliding column with two lamps and ivory tone pleated shades, raised on hardwood stands and rewired to Australian standards.
Height: 63cm
SOLD $410
98 late Meiji period, late 19th to early 20th century
The large circular charger with sloping sides, richly decorated with opposing panels of Hundun faceless beings in floral setting and figure in fenced garden landscape, the exterior decorated with underglaze blue scrolling vines and lappet border, and a six-character mark imitating a Chinese Ming Chenghua mark to the underside.
Height: 7cm Diameter: 45.5cm
99 20th century
Comprising a figure of Budai seated, hand decorated in polychrome enamels and raised on a carved hardwood fitted lotus stand; a blue and white porcelain barrel form stand or small stool, painted with lotus flowers and trialing foliage, pierced with coin motifs, between bands of raised bosses and foliate lappets, together with a polychrome figure of a seated Guanyin with gilt accents.
Height: 41cm and smaller
SOLD $1790
100 early 20th century
The square form storage chest with five long drawers in stained pine, with iron fittings, swing handles and corner reinforcements.
Height: 65cm Width: 62cm Depth: 34cm
SOLD $200
101 Laid down on lime silk and framed.
The relief: 33 x 13cm, frame 58 x 33cm
SOLD $10
102 early 20th century
The rustic square section rice bucket with tapering sides, top handle, with inscription to the side of the handle.
Height: 63cm Length: 44cm Width: 40cm
SOLD $60
103 early 20th century
The small storage chest in elm with brass handles and small drawer pulls, with an arrangement of six drawers.
Height: 29cm Width: 34.5cm Depth: 25.5cm
SOLD $240
104 late 19th century
Profusely carved throughout with flowers, trailing foliage and C-scrolls, with an arched headboard with above turned spindles, with spiral-turned tapering posts with capitals, plain sides and canopy, all raised on carved baluster legs, see measurements.
Height: 225cm Width: 154cm (bed head)
105 First half, 20th century
The rectangular specimen chest with an arrangement of 21 small drawers over 3 larger drawers, with ironwork carrying handles.
Height: 64cm Width: 46cm Depth: 31cm
SOLD $520
106 early 20th century
The small storage chest in stained pine with iron fittings, with an arrangement of five drawers.
Height: 24cm Width: 22.5cm Depth: 38.5cm
SOLD $150
107 20th century
Comprising a Japanese well-figured elm rectangular box with a hinged lid, together with a plain stained cedar sewing box.
Height: 13.5cm Width: 35.5cm Depth: 23.5cm and smaller
SOLD $120
108 Republic Period, c1920s
The rectangular recessed glass top with a faux bamboo carved border, carved grape and vine leaf aprons over similar bamboo legs and stretcher.
Height: 61cm Length: 43cm Width: 31cm
SOLD $90
109 c1900
The small rsctanguler chest with an arrangement of five drawers and a hinged top and pull out tray, with concealed tray to the back.
Height: 27cm Width: 32.5cm Depth: 19.5cm
SOLD $80
110 Republic Period, c1920s
The oval top with a faux bamboo carved border above a pierced fruiting vine frieze, raised on a folding base with shaped legs further carved with bamboo stems and grapevine motifs.
Height: 71cm Length: 76cm Width: 56cm
SOLD $550
111 The pair of modern planters, circular with a slightly everted flat rim, decorated around the body with successive views of pavilions in mountain landscape, framed by diaper pattern borders.
Height: 31.5cm Diameter: 53.5cm
SOLD $200
112 first half 20th century
The small storage chest in stained pine with iron fittings, with an arrangement of five drawers, with ironwork carrying handles.
Height: 22cm Width: 63cm Depth: 34.5cm
SOLD $190
113 early 20th century
The clothing chest (sendai dansu) of typical square form, with a long drawer over two sliding doors and an arrangement of drawers below with a lockable compartment enclosing two extra drawers, with ironwork swing handles, lock plates, corner reinforcements and sao-toshi sliding carrying loops to the sides.
Height: 94cm Width: 92cm Depth: 40cm
SOLD $600
114 late Meiji, early 20th century
The small storage chest in stained pine and cedar, with two long drawers, with iron fittings, carrying handles and ironwork reinforced corners.
Height: 26.5cm Width: 41cm Depth: 30cm
SOLD $120
115 early 20th century
The storage chest with three graduated long drawers above an arrangement of six drawers, with iron fittings, swing handles and corner reinforcements.
Height: 71cm Width: 66cm Depth: 34cm
SOLD $300
116 Republic Period, c1920s
With pierced scrolls decoration to the top, the hinged frames encasing the original bevelled mirror plates.
Height: 52.5cm Width: 127.5cm
SOLD $110
117 Republic Period, c1920s
The elaborately carved cabinet on stand with a carved and pierced crest rail with grapevines motifs, above a glazed door with original glass, opening to an arrangement of shelves, the sides also glazed, raised upon a stand on four shaped legs with similarly carved fretwork apron above open asymmetrical shelves, finely carved throughout.
Height: 207cm Width: 92cm Depth: 37cm
SOLD $2750
118 With classical mountain and waterfall theme, signed on right side with multiple seals in red. SOLD $60
119 20th century
The vintage pair of baluster vases embellished throughout with wire-worked flora in muted and mottled shades of green, ochre, brown and iron red with ruyi and cloud borders.
Height: 13cm
SOLD $40
120 1857 London, with maker's mark for John Samuel Hunt
Each on trefoil base cast with flowers and scrolls, rising to an entwined tendril stem flanked by figure, with a summer girl holding a basket of flowers, and a winter boy on ice skates holding a stick, standing upon a rocky outcrop and surmounted by a pierced circular basket formed from fruiting vine tendrils, with clear glass dishes, each marked on figures, the rim of the bases further stamped 'Hunt & Roskell late Storr & Mortimer' and numbered respectively 8721 and 8741. Silver Weight: 3556g
Height: 36cm Diameter: 24cm
121 1909 Birmingham, with maker's mark for J Collyer Ltd
Of compressed baluster form profusely chased with 'C' scrolls and flowers, the hinged dome lid surmounted by a finial, the scroll-capped handle with ivory insulators, with scroll and leaf framed oval empty cartouches to the sides, raised on scrolled leaf feet, marked to the body.
Weight: 1155g
Height: 28cm
122 1858 London, with maker's mark for Samuel Hayne & Dudley Cater
Comprising a teapot, sugar bowl and creamer, each piece of compressed circular form, elaborately embossed with floral motifs and scrolls, the teapot with flower finial, ivory insulators, all raised on four scroll feet and marked to the underside.
Weight: 1410g
Height: 17cm and smaller
123 1883, London, with maker's mark for George Maudsley Jackson (Josiah Williams & Co)
The pair of Queen's pattern serving spoons with decorative throats, anthemion and honeysuckle heels, each marked and engraved underside the bowl with 'ne quid nimis' coat of arms. Weight: 424g
Length: 33.5cm
124 1842 Newcastle, with maker's mark for John Walton
The early Victorian fiddle and shell pattern pair of sugar tongs, marked to the interior.
Weight: 47g
Length: 15cm
SOLD $70
125 1825 London, with maker's mark for William Chawner II
The fine pair of Queen's Pattern sauce ladles, with decoration on both sides, gilt washed bowl, engraved with crest to the top terminal, initialed and marked underside.
Weight: 53g
Length: 11.5cm
SOLD $130
126 1807 London, with maker's mark for Paul Storr
The fine oval scalloped bowl finely lobed and with gilt interior, raised on a short oval foot and clearly marked to the underside. Weight: 98g
Height: 3.5cm Length: 10cm Width: 8cm
SOLD $550
127 late 19th century
The cylindrical ruby glass bottle with a hinged floral embossed silver-plate cap at one end and a screw cap to the other, missing one glass stopper.
Length: 11cm
SOLD $90
128 The seven hefty teaspoons in matching fiddle, thread & shell pattern by two London makers, comprising a set of three (1846 London, with maker's mark for Charles Lias) and a set of four (1892 London, with maker's mark for Francis Higgins III). Weight: 254g Length: 14.5cm $0
129 1846 London, with maker's mark for John Samuel Hunt
The shaped oval pair of trays, each with a shell heightened scrolled leaves rim and two shell motif handles, each engraved with crest, marked to the underside, further stamped 'Hunt & Roskell' and numbered 2651. Weight: 2241g
Length: 41.5cm Width: 30cm
130 1809 London, with maker's mark for Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard I
The pair of heavy gauge goblets, each with bucket bowl with flared rim above a band of grapevine decoration on matted ground and a narrower egg-and-dart bands to the bottom, knop and circular spreading foot, with silver-gilt interiors, each clearly marked to the foot.
Weight: 1025g
Height: 16cm Diameter: 10.5cm
SOLD $1550
131 Elkington & Co., with date letter for 1899
In the neoclassical taste, the set of four boat-shaped salt cellars, each raised on a pedestal oval foot, with twin handles, beaded borders and gilt washed interiors, each marked to the underside of the foot.
Height: 8.5cm Length: 15cm Width: 6cm
132 1825 London, with maker's mark for William Chawner II
The fine pair of Queen's Pattern sauce ladles, with decoration on both sides, engraved with crest to the top terminal, initialed and marked to the underside. Weight: 153g
Length: 17cm
SOLD $170
133 1937 Birmingham, with maker's mark for William Hair Haseler
The set of 6 demitasse spoons with tapering shaped terminals, each marked under the bowl, in a leather and navy blue velvet lined fitted case.
Weight: 36g
Length: 9.5cm
SOLD $90
134 1808 London, with maker's mark for Stephen Adams II
The set of 5 teaspoons in Old English pattern, each with engraved initials to the terminals, and marked underside.
Weight: 81g
Length: 13.5cm
SOLD $80
135 Comprising a fine and hefty Queen's Oyster Pattern soup ladle with a fabulous oyster shell motif to the reverse of the bowl (1834 London, with maker's mark for William Bateman II), together with a fiddle, thread & shell soup ladle - 1899 London, with maker's mark for Josiah Williams & Co (George Maudsley Jackson & David Landsborough Fullerton), each clearly marked and with crisp decoration.
Weight: 688g
Length: 33cm and smaller
136 Comprising two William IV wine labels for Madeira and Claret with shell and scroll border and pierced titles (1835 London, Charles Reily & George Storer), a George IV one pierced Sherry (1828 London, WE mark), together with a George IV decanter label in the form of the letter 'M' (1828 London, Charles Rawlings)
Weight: 72g
Length: 6cm Width: 4cm and smaller
SOLD $170
137 1902 Chester, with maker's mark for George Nathan & Ridley Hayes
Of baluster shape with pierced dome top and finial, the body with repoussé floral sprays and scrolls, marked twice under the rim and to cover.
Weight: 185g
Height: 21cm
138 1909 London, with maker's mark for William Comyns & Sons
The heavy gauge carinate body of exceptional size, decorated in the style of Paul de Lamerie with pierced fret paneling, engraved cut card and foliate designs and applied cherub wing masks, the pierced domed cover with foliate, shell and floral motifs, raised upon a domed circular foot with shell and cross hatch panel design, marked twice and engraved to the underside 'Carl Hiess, Wein, Graben'. W:795g
Height: 27cm
139 1856 London, with maker's mark partly rubbed, poss. Charles Eley
The Queen's Pattern sifter spoon decorated on both sides, with curved handle, fine anthemion / honeysuckle heel to a scroll pierced bowl, with engraved crest to the terminal, and marked underside.
Weight: 74g
Length: 15.5cm
SOLD $100
140 Different makers, predominantly 19th century with maker's mark for William Cummins
The Queen's pattern matched cutlery service, comprising 5 dinner spoons, 12 dinner forks, 6 entrée spoons, 6 entrée knives, 6 dinner knives and 6 entrée knives, all double-struck, some with anthemion / honeysuckle heels, matched with later sterling silver handled knives (1975 Sheffield, C J Vander Ltd).
Silver Weight: 2575g (without knives)
Length: 25.5cm and smaller
141 The Old English pattern table spoon, engraved 'S' to terminal and marked underside, together with a Queen's Pattern fish knife (1842 Newcastle, with maker's mark for John Walton).
Length: 20.5cm and 18cm
SOLD $90
142 1908 Chester, with maker's mark for Jones & Crompton
The condiment set including two mustard pots, two open salt cellars, salt and pepper shakers, the mustards and salts with twin handles, gilt interiors, and original Bristol blue glass liners, all of lobed form and raised on oval feet, with two silverplated small spoons, in their original velvet and silk lined black leather clad presentation case. Silver weight: 270g
Height: 11and smaller
SOLD $360
143 1935 London, with maker's mark R.W. Burbridge for Harrods. The complete service for eight settings, comprising 8 table forks, soup spoons, fish knives, fish forks, dessert forks, teaspoons, 4 table spoons, 2 sauce ladles, each marked, plus 8 bone handled table and cheese knives with stainless blades and carving set, in green velvet lined walnut canteen, with retailer's plaque 'Harrods Ltd, Silversmiths & Cutlers, London'. Silver weight: 3055g. SOLD $2700
144 1884 London, with maker's mark for George Maudsley Jackson (Josiah Williams & Co)
The fish servers in Queen's pattern with decorative throats, anthemion and honeysuckle heels, each with engraved with 'ne quid nimis' coat of arms, and marked underside. Weight: 345g
Length: 31cm and 24cm
145 1739 London, with maker's mark for Christian Hillan
The pair of pedestal ogee form tea caddies, the bodies richly chased with scroll, flower and shell motifs, applied with robust floral swags pendent from bearded masks on matt ground, the detachable caps similarly embellished and with knopped finials, marked underside.
Weight: 552g
146 Comprising a George V copy of a famous early spoon: the 1528 apostle spoon with St. Nicholas finial inscribed 'Synt Nycolas Pray for Ws' (the original and only recorded example was sold at auction in 1902 for £690, a record at the time), in its original leather and green velvet presentation case marked 'Dobson & Sons 200 Piccadilly London', the spoon unmarked but X-ray tested .925; together with a domed square form compact with rounded corners, with engine turned geometric decoration, inscribed to the interior (1920 Birmingham, with maker's mark for Charles S Green & Co). Weight: 151g
Length: 16.5cm (spoon) Length: 7cm Width: 7cm (compact)
SOLD $140
147 Possibly by Thomas Webb and Sons, circa 1880s
Of slender teardrop form in red overlaid in white, carved both sides with palm leaves, a butterfly to one side, with a silver crew top of 'Turk's cap' form, unmarked.
Length: 27cm
148 1842 Newcastle, with maker's mark for John Walton
The early Victorian elegant set of 12 fiddle pattern teaspoons with scallop shell terminals, each engraved 'D' to terminals and marked underside, in a leather and burgundy velvet lined fitted presentation case.
Weight: 245g
Length: 14.5cm
SOLD $280
149 Christofle, 'Aria'pattern (intr. 1984), late 20th century
The comprehensive dinner service for eight in an elegant ribbed pattern, comprising 8 each entrée forks and knives, dinner forks and knives, dinner spoons, dessert spoons and teaspoons, each stamped with maker and quality marks.
SOLD $1050
150 Comprising a Victorian Britannia standard silver small jug (1883 London, maker's mark rubbed), a Dutch .833 silver sifter spoon with a foliate pierced bowl and floral engraved curved handle (1850 Amsterdam, with unknown HAS maker's mark), a filigree silver tea strainer with a wavy rim and floral engraved handle (1909 Birmingham, maker's mark rubbed), a George III sterling silver card tray, shaped rectangular with rounded corners, reeded rim and engraved vacant central cartouche (1806 Sheffield, JT Younge), together with a silver mounted glass perfume bottle. Total Weight: 306g
Length: 17cm (spoon) Length: 15.5cm Width: 12cm (tray)
SOLD $330
151 Comprising a late Victorian blue glass cylindrical small far with faceted body and underside star cut decoration, hinged lid and internal stopper (1899 Birmingham, Levi & Salaman), a square form cut glass perfume bottle with silver collar (1912 London, Hart & Sons), a complete 3-bottle perfume holder basket with swags on a weighted base (1903 Chester, James Deakin & Sons), a Mexican .925 silver clad small perfume bottle, and a plain square silver fronted photo frame (2002 Sheffield, Carr's of Sheffield). TW: 519g H: 12cm W: 12cm (frame) D: 11cm (bottles) and smaller SOLD $160
152 1905 Sheffield, with maker's mark for Fordham & Faulkner
In the neoclassical taste, urn form with swags and raised on square tapering weighted bases, with removable drip pans, each marked twice.
Total weight: 329g
Height: 8.5cm
SOLD $90
153 .875 silver (also X-rayed), early 20th century
The fine rectangular cigarette case of slightly curved profile, finely 'Ghalam Zani' engraved with Shah Abbasi scrolls, the underside with a shaped medallion enclosing birds and egrets, and surrounded by cross border, with a worn mark to an interior corner, possibly for Parvaresh (Isphahan).
Weight: 173g
Length: 11.5cm Width: 8cm
SOLD $160
154 early 20th century
The oval tray finely repousse with a central navette shaped reserve surrounded by multiple borders of guards and attendants.Weight 514g
Length: 36.5cm Width: 24.5cm
SOLD $380
155 Comprising two silver mounted glass jars including a cylindrical glass one with silver stopper (1911 Birmingham, G E Walton & Co), a small handled strainer (1920 Birmingham, Levi & Salaman), a silver handled cuticle knife and a fish knife with mother-of-pearl handle.
Total Weight: 219g
Height: 14cm and smaller
SOLD $60
156 Walker and Co (Sheffield), c1900
The set of six fruit knives and six forks, with finely engraved blades, plain mother-of-pearl handles, reeded ferrules, with plate marks to the blades, housed in the original felt lined fitted case.
Length: 17.5cm (knife)
SOLD $60
157 Comprising a pair of 19th century silverplated candlesticks with ionic order columns and weighted circular bases with acanthus scrolls and palmettes, unmarked, together with two Australian silverplate trumpet vases (Stokes & Sons and S. Dawson)
Height: 24cm and smaller
SOLD $50
158 Comprising a signed blue glass tear drop vase with controlled bubbles by Greg Royer, a 'Jack in the pulpit' tall and slender vase in white and clear glass with a blue rim, a faceted bullet form blue glass vase with applied ribs, and another with mottled blue and white cased body with clear glass tendrils and domed base, signed underside but illegible.
Height: 41cm and smaller
SOLD $70
159 20th century
The vase with a ribbed red glass body with twin handles, pinched base and rim in clear gold flecked glass, together with a small underplate in the same manner.
Height: 27cm (vase) Diameter: 12.5cm (dish)
SOLD $70
160 Peter Crisp (1959-), c1988
With a coral pink canes of glass 'panier' construction, containing a translucent clear handkerchief vase with gilt rim, engraved 'Peter Crisp' and numbered R1904500 to the underside, probably from his 1988 'Kinetic Nouveau Forms' collection.
Height: 36.5cm
SOLD $180
161 Julio Santos (1933-2019), 1998 and 1999
The vases of flattened tear drop profile, one in blue, the other in emerald sommerso with spiral inclusions, engraved 'J.Santos' and dated respectively 1998 and 1999.
Height: 28.5cm and smaller
SOLD $260
162 Incl. Josefina Krosno, c1990s
Comprising one with jellyfish stem and mottled polychrome cased glass bowl, one Krosno in red and clear glass a/f, and two with Danube Glass labels.
Height: 23.5cm and smaller
SOLD $110
163 Comprising a Mirano multi-layered blue, green, pink and clear sommerso vase, a sculptured bowl with blue and yellow sommerso domed center to scrolled clear edges, together with a Bohemian pink and green bowl.
Height: 14cm (vase)
SOLD $90
164 Comprising a signed goblet with polychrome irises on clear ground by Clare Belfrage (Australia), a pair of Australian Studio glass 'nail-point' blue and clear glass tapering vases by Jane Cowie, with artist's label underside, a pair of Murano-style candle holders and two other items.
Height: 23.5cm and smaller
SOLD $70
165 Richard Clements (1950-), c1999
The flared and fluted borosilicate glass bowl raised on a sun patterned knop and circular spreading foot, stamped to the knop and signed 'Clements 1999' to the underside.
Height: 18cm Diameter: 23.5cm
SOLD $260
166 Comprising a Richard Morrell white and clear twin handled footed vase, a Dominic O'Leary kiln-formed green and clear glass vase, and a New Zealand baluster form lipped vase by Ola Höglund, all signed or with original label.
Height: 34cm and smaller
SOLD $50
167 Comprising a Glen Pattrick vase with a slightly flared and scalloped rim in mottled white and amber tones on a speckled foot, signed and dated 94 underside, an unsigned corn yellow cased glass vase with a turned rim and clear glass tendril, together with a cased yellow, orange white and clear boat form bowl, unsigned.
Height: 24cm (vase)
SOLD $60
168 Comprising a Kylie Neilson Australian studio glass perfume bottle and stopper, a Swedish clear and frosted crystal koala paperweight (des. Cilla Persson), a Kosta Boda candle holder, two German and Bohemian glass bells, a Kaspar stem vase, a cased spiral twist Murano pen, together with a Nautilus shell on stand and other items (11 items)
Height: 25cm and smaller
SOLD $90
169 circa 1990s
Comprising a Tricia Allen fan shaped yellow and blue glass vase on a clear domed foot, signed to the underside, a Glen Pattrick mottled yellow flared bowl or vase on a blue foot, and another unsigned.
Height: 30.5cm Width: 33cm and smaller.
SOLD $70
170 Comprising a Murano triangle bowl in golden amber glass with controlled bubble and gold leaf inclusions, a Swan dish in red and white cased glass with a clear neck, a pink glass vase with applied hot glass flowers, amber glass foliage and base, with loss to two petals losses, together with a cased glass toucan figure.
Height: 31cm and smaller
SOLD $160
171 Comprising a Murano white encased triangular bowl with copper aventurine and multi-coloured speckled canes, a fused glass square dish in red tones with metal grills inclusions, a blue to clear fluted dish with petal rim and, together with a circular abstract tray.
Diameter: 33.5cm and smaller
SOLD $50
172 Comprising a c1988 Imperial Jingdezhen 'Chinese garden series' porcelain plate with birds on branch, a green and clear flower form bowl, probably unmarked Kosta Boda, a Chinese phoenix decorated vase, a large clear glass decanter and stopper, a ceramic bowl and vase.
Height: 31cm (decanter) Height: 12.5cm Diameter: 31cm (bowl) and smaller
173 Comprising an orange, black and white marbled glass Empoli style pitcher, a green and white marbled glass vase, a cased white and clear bowl and other items.
Height: 6cm Diameter: 38.5cm (footed bowl) Height: 36cm (vase) and smaller
SOLD $60
174 Comprising a mottled blue centerpiece bowl, a clear glass comport, a blue and white glass jug, a green and white cased bowl and another.
Height: 26.5cm (jug) Height: 26.5cm Diameter: 38.5cm (footted bwol) and smaller
SOLD $70
175 Peter Bowles (1968-)
The large and heavy red and clear cased glass scent bottle of ovoid form, decorated to the sides and genie-type stopper with opaque white and black latticino, signed to the underside.
Height: 46.5cm
SOLD $920
176 Comprising an oversize brandy cased glass vase in red glass upon an opalescent ring stem and spreading base, an unsigned clear glass vase with a mottled teal and white streak to one side, a 'bowtie' ice bucket, a pair of tall clear and white glass candle holders and other items.
Height: 40.5cm and smaller
SOLD $50
177 Comprising a Setsuko Ogishi Mizuno studio glass centerpiece bowl with green ball knop and conical foot, a large Eveline Schumann blue and gilt freeform bowl, an Ogishi Mizuno pink and blue bottle vase, and another mottled blue and clear footed bowl, illegibly signed to the underside. Height: 32cm (vase) Height: 12cm Diameter: 44cm (bowl) and smaller SOLD $160
178 Mid-20th century
The seven glass fruits with pineapple, banana and grapes, on a smoked glass tripod platter with wooden tapering legs.
Height: 7.5cm Diameter: 30cm (bowl) Length: 18.5cm (banana)
SOLD $100
179 Possibly Theresienthal, Bavaria, circa 1900
The tall footed jug with ovoid body enameled with gold lined bands of flower heads and scrolling foliage, the slender neck and short stem with applied prunts and rigaree trails, raised on a circular spreading base.
Height: 33cm
SOLD $40
180 late 19th century
The compressed ovoid vase with twin upright handles, a short neck and footed base, finely decorated with intricate scrolls and palmettes in white enamel and gilt, highlighted with polychrome floral sprays to the front.
Height: 18cm
SOLD $60
181 circa 1900
The punch lidded bowl of faceted barrel form, with arches design between bands of slice cuts, with domed cover and faceted finial, raised on a petal form Undertray.
Height: 33cm Diameter: 29cm (base)
SOLD $90
182 19th century
The fine small vase raised on a circular spreading base, with flat lens cuts and etched decorations of brocade pattern in scrolling reserves, fauna, flora, and pavilion.
Height: 15cm
SOLD $50
183 20th century
Comprising a Bertil Vallien for Kosta Boda miniature vase in green aurene glass with frosted finish fused with purple tendrils, signed and numbered 48216 underside, a Richard Clements globular perfume bottle with hot glass abstract girdle, a Fleur Tookey green swirl glass perfume bottle, a Richard Morell fluted blue glass perfume bottle with genie-style stopper, and a Murano mezza filigrana glass bowl with mask handles decorated with contrasting white, green, and copper aventurine stripes.
Height: 16.5cm and smaller
SOLD $170
184 Probably Theresienthal, Bavaria, circa 1900
The large beer stein jug or pitcher, in yellowish green amber tone, with typical ornate pewter lid, ear shaped handle, the body and neck enameled with gold lined bands of flower heads and scrolling foliage, between prunts, all raised on a broad conical base with gilt and beaded borders.
Height: 41cm
SOLD $90
185 late 19th and 20th century
Mostly Bohemian peach, blue and clear glass, comprising 5 Art Deco perfume bottles, a late Victorian sterling silver mounted Bohemian blue flash glass scent bottle with line and lens cut tapering body, a Wolf & Sohn bottle with original label and others.
Height: 16cm and smaller
SOLD $120
186 late 19th century
The squat tapering tall vase with an internal lobed décor, white enamel painted to the front with a young girl in woodland holding a small branch.
Height: 32.5cm
SOLD $160
187 circa 1900
The wine decanter with engraved spiral borders to the tapering body and long neck, with its original faceted cut stopper.
Height: 31.5cm
SOLD $40
188 late 1860s
The small globular teapot with Aesthetic movement and Japanese design influences, with branch spout and bifurcated twig handle and finial brushed with blue enamel, the body decorated with scattered insects, flowers and branches, impressed 'WEDGWOOD' underside with partial date code, probably 1868.
Height: 11cm Width: 18.5cm
SOLD $650
189 Bretby Art Pottery (Tooth & Co.), c1890s
The large Bretby pottery vase of tapering ovoid shape, hand decorated with birds on blossoming branch in polychrome enamels with gilt highlights, signed with monogram (possibly HT for Henry Tooth?), with sunburst factory mark underside.
Height: 33cm
SOLD $70
190 late 19th century
Hand decorated with alternating courting scenes of romantic young lovers in rural landscape upon a royal blue ground with gilt borders, the set comprising a large twin handled circular serving tray, a teapot, lidded sugar bowl, and six demitasse cups and saucers, each with underglaze blue beehive mark.
Height: 14.5cm (teapot) Diameter: 32.5cm (tray)
SOLD $150
191 Royal Worcester, shape 158, dated 1911
The shape 158 small vase of compressed quatre lobe form with a short everted neck, painted with flowering brambles, green printed crown and wheel mark to the underside with year code for 1911.
Height: 8.5cm
SOLD $50
192 The fine bone China tea set in 'April Flowers' pattern with spiral fluted bodies, comprising a teapot, a coffee pot, six cups with assorted saucers, sugar bowl and creamer, each piece stamped to the underside.
Height: 22cm (coffee pot)
SOLD $90
193 John Golding (1946-)
The standing 'chook' bowl, in glazed and unglazed terracotta, purchased from Market Import c1979.
Height: 23.5cm Length: 27.5cm Width: 16.5cm
SOLD $540
194 Des. Harald Sloth Møller (Danish 1864-1937), c1990
The circular jar and cover of circular slightly tapering form, with a small orange finial to the cover, all decorated in 'Orange Blossom' pattern, a design created after the original paintings by Harald Sloth Møller, with accompanying saucer, each marked underside.
Height: 16cm Diameter: 17cm
SOLD $120
195 mid-20th century
Comprising a 'Vole' figurine of a field mouse sitting (Des. Platen Hallermundt, Royal Copenhagen no.2564), marked and signed underside, together with a 'Chick' figurine, originally a Bing & Grondahl design (no.2194) but with a post-merger 'Royal Copenhagen' mark underside.
Height: 6.5cm and smaller
SOLD $40
196 Royal Crown Derby stamp, dated 1895
The vase hand decorated in an Imari palette with scattered flowers and trails on a gold dust and pale yellow ground, with jewelled shoulder and moulded foliate design in gilt upon navy blue to the inverted neck, with green backstamp to the underside, date cypher for 1895 and further incised 916.
Height: 26cm
SOLD $240
197 1947-1953 period
The pear shaped vase with a small foot and a waisted everted neck, tube lined and decorated with orchids in lemon, blue, mauve, green and white upon a modulating teal and cobalt ground, with impressed marks underside and Walter Moorcroft initials in slate blue.
Height: 16cm
SOLD $200
198 1928-1936 period
The shape 65 baluster form vase with a spreading foot and short everted neck, tube line decorated with orchids in pink, blue, mauve, green and lemon upon a cobalt ground, with impressed marks underside and early version of the Royal Warrant paper label 'Potter To H.M The Queen'.
Height: 15.5cm
SOLD $220
199 The globular vase with a broad trumpet neck tube lined and decorated with split fruits, berries and foliage in deep maroon, purple blue tones and olive upon an indigo and green washed ground, cobalt to the interior, with impressed Moorcroft and upper case 'made in England' marks with painted signature underside.
Height: 18cm
SOLD $260
200 Royal Nishiki Nippon, early 20th century
The ovoid pedestal vase with pierced twin handles, an everted hexagonal rim and raised on a domed foot, hand decorated on each side with reserves of flowers in bloom upon a gilded with moriage jewelled borders surrounded by floral gilt motifs upon cobalt ground, stamped and numbered to he underside.
Height: 25cm
201 Royal Worcester, shape 1538, date code for 1893
The baluster form vase with a flared neck hand decorated with wild flowers within moulded neck and base, heightened in gilt, the underside with printed mark, registration and shape numbers, and date code for 1893.
Height: 26.5cm
SOLD $170
202 Royal Worcester, shape 1538, date code for 1901
The baluster form vase with a flared neck hand, floral decorated with gilt enrichments within a moulded neck and base, heightened in gilt, the underside with printed mark, registration and shape numbers, and date code for 1901.
Height: 26.5cm
SOLD $180
203 c1770
The small oval serving dish with a central spray of flowers, the rim with wide mazarine blue ground with gilt lambrequins, with underglaze blue fretted square mark.
Height: 3cm Length: 19.5cm Width: 16cm
SOLD $150
204 First half 20th century The cabinet plates with gilt highlights and matching cobalt blue ground jewelled border, comprising one with a Scottish view of Loch Lomond and another of Macgillycuddy's Reeks depicting a group of fishermen by a lake with small yachts against a backdrop of dramatic mountains, both unsigned but probably respectively painted by R. J. Keeling and Frederick Micklewright, titled and numbered to the underside with green Aynsley mark over stamped 'The Civil Service Cooperative Society of NSW Sydney'. Diameter: 22.5cm SOLD $140
205 Crown Staffordshire (des. J.T. Jones), mid-20th century
Modelled as an alert bird seated on a foliate stump base, stamped to the underside, inscribed 'Cockatoo 2.' and further signed by W.R. Tipton (painting).
Height: 33.5cm
SOLD $250
206 Sèvres (France), circa 1950s
The reticulated circular bowl and domed cover with moulded stiff leaf borders and scrolls, hand painted in green and magenta with gilt highlights, with a bud finial, and marked to the underside with interlaced blue L's mark.
Height: 27cm Diameter: 23cm
SOLD $200
207 Beswick, des. Arthur Gredington, circa 1950
In yellow and blue colourway, modelled with one foot on a stump, stamped and impressed 'Beswick England', model number 1180.
Height: 21.5cm
SOLD $120
208 Comprising a late 19th century Copeland late Spode earthenware sprigged jug, of bulbous form and two tone glazed, with white classical frieze decoration, impressed and printed marks underside, together with an English c1840 porcelain jug with faun and gilt flower and scrollwork decoration, unmarked, possibly Davenport.
Height: 14cm and smaller
SOLD $30
209 early 20th century
Probably Paris porcelain with La Courtille style crossed feather arrow mark in underglaze blue, the polychrome gentleman figure with a long curled wig, frock coat, breeches and holding a tricorn hat, supported by a tree trunk and raised on a Rococo base, marked to hollowed base.
Height: 23.5cm
SOLD $110
210 mid-20th century
Comprising a Goldsheider Myott bird on branch figurine, a Crown Staffordshire model of a chaffinch designed by J.T. Jones, an English and a Japanese dog figurines, and a Mongolian horse figurine.
Height: 12cm Width: 18.5cm
SOLD $20
211 circa 1775
The coffee cup and saucer printed underglaze with a variant of 'Three flower' pattern incorporating butterflies, with concentric blue bands to the rim, the cup with underglaze blue W script mark, the saucer with underglaze blue crescent mark.
Diameter: 12.5cm (saucer) Height: 6.5cm (cup)
SOLD $100
212 J.C. Guéro (active 1920s-40s), c1930
The pair of terracotta busts of a young girl with stylised features, on angled rectangular plinths, each with incised 'Guero' signature to the back.
Height: 31.5cm Width: 21cm
SOLD $220
213 Comprising a pair of c1875 Davenport Old Imari (pattern 2614) coffee can and saucer duos, lavishly hand decorated and picket out in gilt, the saucers with impressed mark underside, a single quatrefoil coffee cup and saucer duo in cobalt blue with white lace overlay, the saucer impressed underside, probably Testolini Merletto c1900, together with a small Derby Imari octagonal bowl a/f.
Height: 7cm (cup) and Smaller Diameter: 13cm (dish) and smaller
SOLD $100
214 Pillivuyt (Mehun), central France, early 20th century
The glazed ceramic turine typical of the Pillivuyt manufacture, formed as a navette shaped fluted dish with a pâté-en-croûte brown glaze, the cover with a realistically modelled and glass-eyed hare, with maker's stamp to the underside.
Height: 13.5cm Length: 22.5cm Width: 12cm
SOLD $220
215 20th century
The green drip glaze flower trough with rounded sides and original insert, faintly stamped underside, probably Bennetts pottery.
Height: 8.5cm Length: 31cm Width: 12cm
SOLD $130
216 Royal Worcester, shape 1538, date code for 1901
The fine baluster form vase with a flared neck hand decorated with thistles and wild flowers within moulded gilt neck and base, heightened in gilt, the underside with printed mark, registration and shape numbers, and date code for 1901.
Height: 27.5cm
SOLD $170
217 Comprising a Coalport 1902 Edward VII coronation commemorative miniature cup, a Copland Spode vase in the geisha cherry blossom pattern, stamped underside, and a Royal Crown Derby small jug and dish in the 'Derby Posies' pattern, green stamp underside.
Height: 15.5cm (vase) and smaller
218 The three-lobed handled serving dishes with moulded edges, one probably Limoges with a scrolled branch top handle, decorated with restrained floral swag and garland border, unmarked, the other Continental with rose bouquets and central scrolling loop handle, painted numbers underside, unmarked
Length: 34.5cm Width: 34.5cm and smaller
SOLD $10
219 Blue and Red
Height: 77.5cm Width: 65.5cm (includes frame)
SOLD $150
220 Quercus Palustis (Pin Oak)
Watercolour signed and dated '94 lower left
Height: 46cm Width: 45cm
SOLD $30
221 Portrait
Oil on board signed lower left
Height: 79cm Width: 79cm (includes frame)
222 Yabbie
Artists proof signed lower right
Height: 49.5cm Width: 58.5cm
223 Outback Camp
Oil on board signed lower right
Height: 59cm Width: 89cm
SOLD $100
224 Girl and Autumn Leaf
Oil on cotton signed and dated 2006 lower right
Height: 91cm Width: 61cm
SOLD $100
225 Anja and Kitten
Acrylic on cotton signed and dated 2005 lower left
Height: 92cm Width: 60.5cm
SOLD $100
226 Vegetables
Le Mercier and Cie Paris.
Height: 85cm Width: 68cm (includes frame)
SOLD $60
227 Missy and Sparkle
Pastel signed lower right and Dated 1984
Height: 55.5cm Width: 70.5cm
228 Floral Still Life
Watercolour signed lower right
Height: 100cm Width: 82cm (includes frame)
SOLD $140
229 Day and Haghe.
Height: 82cm Width: 74cm (includes frame)
SOLD $50
230 My Country
Acrylic on linen inscribed with catalogue number verso and with original Certificate of Authenticity AGOD 5172 and Tax Invoice #13155 dated 27/05/2004
Height: 82.5cm Width: 90cm (includes frame)
SOLD $8000
231 My Country
Acrylic on linen inscribed with catalogue number verso and with original Certificate of Authenticity AGOD 5173 and Tax Invoice #12501 dated 02/07/2003
Height: 82.5cm Width: 90cm (includes frame)
232 My Country
Acrylic on linen inscribed with catalogue number verso and with original Certificate of Authenticity AGOD 5174 and Tax Invoice #12501 dated 02/07/2003
Height: 82.5cm Width: 90cm (includes frame)
233 Dragonfly
Lithograph 10/100 signed lower right
Height: 9.5cm Width: 14cm
SOLD $110
234 Holland/Australia 1923-
Bush Scene
Oil on canvas board signed lower right and dated 1980
Height: 44.5cm Width: 34.5cm
235 Australia 1874-1961
'Henry Lawson'
Proof print signed lower left in plate.
Height: 24.5cm Width: 17.5cm
SOLD $570
236 Austrian 1883-1962
Victorian Roses
Oil on panel signed lower left
Height: 30cm Width: 36.5cm
237 Australia 1928-2006
Lithograph 33/100 Signed lower right
Height: 20.5cm Width: 29.5cm
SOLD $50
238 Britain /Australia 1907 1979
Pilot Cutter "Faith" Bristol Channel.
Watercolour signed lower right
Height: 30.5cm Width: 38cm
SOLD $100
239 Australia
Kookaburra Morning Callert
Watercolour signed lower centre
Height: 32.5cm Width: 22.5cm
SOLD $70
240 Britain /Australia 1907 1979
Tall Ships
Watercolour signed lower right
Height: 30cm Width: 39cm
SOLD $280
241 Passing
Oil on board signed and dated 1983 lower left.
Height: 21.5cm Width: 29cm
SOLD $50
242 Oil on canvas board signed lower right.
Height: 51cm Width: 44.5cm (includes frame)
SOLD $460
243 French Butterflies Print
Height: 48cm Width: 31.5cm
244 Australian 1864-1937
Oil on panel signed lower right
Height: 28.5cm Width: 25cm
245 Tavern Scene
Oil on canvas signed lower right
Height: 69cm Width: 82.5cm (includes frame)
SOLD $450
246 'The Introduction'
Watercolour signed lower left.
Height: 61cm Width: 79cm (includes frame)
247 Inland Tug
Watercolour signed lower right
Height: 35.5cm Width: 52.5cm
SOLD $50
248 Australia 1933-
Town Scene With People
Oil on board signed lower right
Height: 29.5cm Width: 60cm
SOLD $100
249 Australia 1933-
Saturday morning King Cross
Oil on board signed lower right
Height: 39cm Width: 49cm
SOLD $200
250 Australia
Oil on board signed lower left
Height: 68.5cm Width: 68.5cm (includes frame)
SOLD $300
251 Collins? Street Melbourne
Oil on canvas on board signed lower right.
Height: 39.5cm Width: 49.5cm
SOLD $750
252 Australia 1928-2018
Early Morning Walk 1992
Pen, ink and watercolour signed lower right
Height: 23cm Width: 31cm
SOLD $5000
253 The Wailing Wall
Oil on canvas signed lower right.
Height: 59.5cm Width: 49.5cm
SOLD $50
254 Britain /Australia 1907 1979
Watercolour signed lower right
Height: 35cm Width: 48cm
SOLD $100
255 Cockatiels
Pastel,signed lower right and dated 1973
Height: 46cm Width: 63cm
SOLD $100
256 Leda and the Emu.
Lithogarp 35/40 signed and dated "88 lower right.
Height: 39.5cm Width: 50cm
SOLD $50
257 Summer Landscape
Oil on canvas on board,signed lower left.
Height: 43.5cm Width: 53cm
258 (Australia, b.1943) (TWO)
'Sydney Twilight' 8/20 and 'Homeward' 7/20 (1997)
Etching and aquatint. Each titled, numbered and signed in pencil to margin.
Height: 20.5cm Width: 14.5cm
259 Australia 1985-
Country views
Oil on canvas on board signed lower left and right.
Height: 33cm Width: 58cm
260 Japan 1942-
Tensor 75-16
Coloured lithograph 40/50 1975
Height: 55cm Width: 87cm
261 Australia 1938-
Red Sailing Boat
Oil on canvas on board signed lower left
Height: 69cm Width: 49cm
262 Scotland/Australia 1931-
The Cutter Storm Bay
Watercolour signed lower right
Height: 48cm Width: 58cm
SOLD $250
263 Australia
Fire and Water
Acrylic on board
Height: 80cm Width: 160cm
264 Australian 1950-
Glenelg River.
Oil on board signed lower right
Height: 113cm Width: 144cm (includes frame)
SOLD $800
265 Australian 1950-
Forest Stream.
Oil on board signed lower right
Height: 104cm Width: 205cm (includes frame)
266 Scotland / Australia 1931-
Julie Burgess at Sail
Watercolour signed lower right.
Height: 45.5cm Width: 49.5cm
SOLD $230
267 3 Coloured Boats
Oil on canvas on board signed lower left
Height: 45cm Width: 54cm
SOLD $120
268 Boats and A Village Steeple
Oil on canvas on board signed lower left
Height: 45cm Width: 54cm
SOLD $100
269 Medecine Leaves
Acrylic on Canvas with Certificate of Authenticity
Height: 114cm Width: 81.5cm
270 Bush Yam
Acrylic on Canvas with Certificate of Authenticity
Height: 52.5cm Width: 109.5cm
271 Australian
Bush Plum
Acrylic on Canvas with Certificate of Authenticity
Height: 108.5cm Width: 52cm
272 Australian
Kangaroo Dreaming
Acrylic on Canvas with Certificate of Authenticity
Height: 99cm Width: 71cm
273 Australian
Rock Holes
Acrylic on Canvas with Certificate of Authenticity
Height: 96.5cm Width: 73.5cm
SOLD $500
274 Australian
Medecine Leaves
Acrylic on Canvas with Certificate of Authenticity
Height: 109cm Width: 53.5cm
275 Australian
Medecine Leaves
Acrylic on Canvas with Certificate of Authenticity
Height: 101cm Width: 72.5cm
276 Australian
Acrylic on Canvas with Certificate of Authenticity
Height: 106cm Width: 79cm
277 Australian
Acrylic on Canvas with Certificate of Authenticity
Height: 54.5cm Width: 96cm
278 My Country
Acrylic on Canvas with Certificate of Authenticity
Height: 109cm Width: 54.5cm
279 Yam Seed
Acrylic on Canvas with certificate of Authenticity
Height: 82cm Width: 212cm
280 20th century
The soft textured Bokhara wool rug with a traditional repeat pattern field of columns and rows of mori guls on deep red ground, with highlights in mushroom and blue hues, enclosed by multiple borders of floral and geometric designs, with purchase receipt from Persian Carpet Gallery ($2,800).
Length: 322cm Width: 248cm
SOLD $400
281 20th century
The wool rug with a design of repeat guls in reddish brown, cream and black to the main field, enclosed by a main geometric borders, with fringed ends.
Length: 196cm Width: 117cm
SOLD $80
282 20th century
The wool rug with a Bokhara print of repeat guls in deep red and black, enclosed by multiple geometric borders of hooks and arches, with fringed ends.
Length: 200cm Width: 107cm
SOLD $100
283 20th century
with central medallions surrounded by a profusion of flora and lotus with tendrils in powder blue, tan and accents of red upon a cream field.
Length: 378cm Width: 98cm
284 20th century
The central lozenge with stylised herati and boteh on a cream upon red ground with angled rows of flowers and geometric designs, gul spandrels on navy ground, with cream main patterned border,
with Certificate of Origin and 2002 purchase receipt from Persian Carpet Art Centre ($1,550).
Length: 256cm Width: 162cm
SOLD $270
285 20th century
The soft textured rug in a traditional allover jaldar design, in blue, burnt sienna tones with green and cream, with multiple geometric borders.
Length: 373cm Width: 289cm
286 circa 1945
The six-arm chandelier with a ceiling cup, baluster and glass ball stem above a tiered conical section and issuing arms with a tiered step and ball arrangement, each supporting dishes and electric globes, rewired to Australian standards
Length: 73cm Diameter: 67cm
287 circa 1930s
The stem with wooden ball knop and a lobed trumpet, with a nickel plated stepped bowl issuing five bold moulded shell slip shades with ribs in apricot pink frosted glass.
Length: 65cm Diameter: 62cm
288 circa 1860s
The fine converted gasolier, electrified and rewired to Australian standards, with a pierced and ornate ceiling cup to a cluster column knopped stem with stiff acanthus leaves decoration, three high set bracket arms with scroll embellished buttresses, supporting the original upturned frosted glass floriform shades.
Length: 90cm Diameter: 75cm
289 20th century
With a ball-knopped stem and a fluted lower dish with ring finial, issuing six 'S' scroll upswept arms supporting pans with provision for candle globes, with foliate embellishments.
Length: 110cm Diameter: 72cm
SOLD $40
290 circa 1890
With a foliate embellished S-scroll bronze ormolu open birdcage below a bulbous acanthus leaf ceiling cup, issuing three frosted glass floriform shades, and dressed with crystal drops and bauble.
Length: 87cm Diameter: 62cm
291 late 19th century
The multi-tiered tapering chandelier with a knopped glass and gilt stem hung to slender curvaceous arms supporting nozzles and electric candles, the ends united by swags, with cut pear shaped drops and bauble. Wired for Australia.
Length: 130cm Diameter: 56cm
292 The modern hall lantern with a square tapering body supporting three electrified candles beneath a pagoda top, with chain and ceiling cup attachments, wired to Australian standards.
Height: 60cm Length: 31cm Width: 31cm
293 circa 1910
With ceiling cup and three ribbed rods suspension to a floral boss supporting a moulded frosted glass floral shade and issuing three arms with bell shaped moulded shades, fully rewired to Australian standards.
Length: 87cm Diameter: 65cm
294 circa 1920s
The hand hammered wrought iron chandelier with a triple ribbed stem to a crimped boss supporting a frosted bowl with tiered rings and a snail shell motif, issuing three scrolling strapwork arms with downturned hexagonal bell shaped shades and three groups of coin like pendants, rewired to Australian standards.
Length: 85cm Diameter: 58cm
295 Circa 1940
The incomplete art deco chandelier, with a square-section birdcage stem to a patterned iron frame supporting a domed square floral moulded frosted glass bowl, missing the four frosted glass panels for the top.
SOLD $100
296 late 19th century
With a bombe secretaire top with fall front, fitted interior and side drawers, over a double-curve serpentine chest with three long drawers, decorated throughout with rectangular burr walnut inlay with cross-banded stringing and contrasting dark stained moulded edges, with cast brass handles and escutcheons, all raised on flattened bun feet, possibly German or Italian.
Height: 101cm Width: 125cm Depth: 65cm
297 circa 1930
The walnut veneered chest with a rectangular plain top over four drawers, each with two circular pull handles.
Height: 96cm Width: 105cm Depth: 49cm
298 Circa 1900
With an arched mirror above a brèche d'Alep marble top flanked by a pair of tall side cupboards cabinets enclosing adjustable shelves, the central lower part with a frieze drawer and cupboard, the tulipwood cupboards with shaped and interlaced ebony strung reserves of autumn fruit in multi-coloured woods with mother-of-pearl detailing against burr elm veneering, all raised on fluted tapering feet.
Height: 191cm Width: 163cm Depth: 62cm
299 mid-20th century
The pair of bedside tables, with three quarter shaped galleries above two panelled drawers and raised on slender tapering fluted legs.
Height: 68cm Width: 39cm Depth: 29cm
300 circa 1800
The tripod platform base with swept legs terminating in pad feet, surmounted by S-scroll columns supporting two triangular drawers, and shaped columns supporting a moulded disc top, later used as a wash stand with a Wedgwood 'Pearl' bowl hand decorated with arches upon a pink ground, impressed mark underside.
Height: 82cm Width: 54cm Depth: 54cm
SOLD $170
301 Ewald Dahlskog (Des.) and Rohlf Lehmann (marq.) for Bodafors Möbelfabrik, c1950s. The large teak and mixed timbers sideboard in two parts, the quadriptych marquetry upper section with portraits of four ancient muses after original designs by Ewald Dahlskog (Sweden, 1894-1950) inlaid by Rolf Lehmann, with overhanging pediment with downlights above, open compartments below, on a four cupboard doors lower section with internal shelves and vinyl records storage compartment.
Height: 202cm Width: 224cm Depth: 46cm
SOLD $850
302 Mid-20th century
With a serpentine ochre veined marble top above two long drawers with quarter panel veneer and floral inlay, a shaped apron, hipped edges and curvaceous legs embellished with gilt bronze rococo handles, pierced mounts and sabots.
Height: 89cm Width: 104cm Depth: 48cm
SOLD $400
303 by Sowdon & Woledge (cabinet maker, London), circa 1860s
The dressing table with a quatrefoil shaped mirror between pierced decorative supports, upon a shaped compartment with three drawers above a curvaceous top with a central frieze drawer supported on bold cabriole legs carved to the knees with acanthus leaves to a shaped base on castors, with maker's label to top, with a Victorian balloon back chair with carved back and rail, velvet upholstered seat, on 4 slender cabriole front legs. H: 159cm W: 121cm D: 58cm (Table) H: 85cm (Chair)
304 19th century
Of generous proportions with an extended top above an ogee moulded frieze drawer, above five flame mahogany full width drawers of graduating depth with turned handles, with a shaped apron, on extended knopped and turned legs.
Height: 159cm Width: 131cm Depth: 66cm
SOLD $270
305 late 19th century
The rectangular top with moulded edges inlaid with a re-tooled and gilded tan leather writing surface, on twin pedestals with four panelled drawers with brass handles and backplates, the locks stamped Hobbs & Co London, the sides and back panelled, all raised upon a plinth base.
Height: 80cm Width: 151cm Depth: 104cm
SOLD $100
306 Mid-20th century
The small oval-form bedsides with cast brass pierced three-quarter galleries over two drawers, with floral inlay to bookend veneer panels, sides and top conforming, raised on sabre legs with sabots.
Height: 68cm Width: 41cm Depth: 34cm
307 20th century
The refectory-style oak dining table with light honey coloured three plank top with cleated ends, assembled with wooden pegs, raised on four tapering legs, of simple sturdy construction, lightly patinated. Purch. from Andrew Farmer Antiques, High Street Armadale
Height: 78cm Length: 214cm Width: 99cm
SOLD $500
308 19th century
With an extended pediment and carved cornice above a central bevel glazed arched cabinet flanked by cupboard doors with relief carved panels, turned and fluted pillar embellishments, above an extended open compartment with vase supports, two frieze drawers and two ornately carved panelled cupboards flanked by columnar supports, upon a plinth base.
Height: 250cm Width: 145cm Depth: 58cm
309 Circa 1900
With a rectangular variegated rouge marble top above an open compartment, single drawer and cupboard doors, the quarter panelled veneer doors inlaid with trophies in contrasting oval reserves, raised on round fluted tapering legs.
Height: 134cm Width: 72cm Depth: 43cm
SOLD $240
310 late 19th century
With a foliate carved and pierced crested top above a panelled central door enclosing slides and drawers, flanked by bevelled glass doors with internal glass shelves, all doors arched with floral carved panels, raise on a plinth base.
Height: 236cm Width: 176cm Depth: 54cm
311 late 19th century
With a show frame button back, roll over padded arms to scrolled side supports in the French manner flowing to cabriole legs with ceramic castors, upholstered (a/f) in pale green lattice fabric.
Height: 98cm Width: 65cm Depth: 90cm
312 mid-20th century
The shaped top with thumb nail moulded edge above four bow fronted central drawers with shaped and carved fielded panels, flanked by two similarly panelled full length cupboards with floriate crests, a carved curvaceous apron with a shell form embellishment and raised on small scrolled feet, with ornate cast swing handles, long hinges and pierced escutcheons.
Height: 101cm Width: 180cm Depth: 55cm
313 circa 1900
Of typical form with an oval mirror with foliate crest and curvaceous carved scrolling supports above a shaped base, raised on turned feet.
Height: 61cm Width: 53cm Depth: 21cm
SOLD $30
314 Second half 19th century
The table with a rustic three plank circular top, raised on a turned baluster pedestal and three curving out-swept legs, together with two spade back carvers.
Height: 73cm Diameter: 91cm (table)
Height: 85cm Width: 58cm Depth: 54cm (chair)
SOLD $70
315 Circa 1930
The pair of bedside tables, each with three quarter gallery to a plain rectangular top, above two drawers with brass pull handles, and raised on tapering square section legs united by an undertier.
Height: 69cm Width: 41cm Depth: 28cm
316 circa 1930s
The hallstand in a beaten finish with an open rectilinear strapwork frame with a hat rack to the top, a central rectangular bevelled mirror flanked by eight octagonal textured iron coat hooks, to a small shelf with mirror top, over curvilinear in-fill decoration, flanked by umbrella compartments.
Height: 185cm Width: 65cm Depth: 17cm
SOLD $550
317 19th century
With an arched moulded cornice, the glazed doors with shaped panels flanked by relief carved floral corbels and opening to three shelves, the lower section with an extended base with moulded edges above dual fielded panel cupboards with similar decoration, all raised on a plinth base, with nice patina.
Height: 249cm Width: 145cm Depth: 69cm
318 Circa 1780
The shaving or toilet mirror with its original glass plate in a carved parcel gilded slip and cushion frame with shaped upper corners, supported by square uprights, upon a base with a central long and two short ogee drawers, and raised on ogee bracket feet. Height: 53cm Width: 35cm Depth: 20cm
SOLD $300
319 circa 1930s
With a red and cream brèche marble shaped top above two quarter panelled drawers with strung reserves and floral inlay, the sides bookend veneered, the apron with drop, and raised on curvaceous legs, with gilt metal foliate mounts and sabots
Height: 73cm Width: 35cm Depth: 27cm
320 20th century
The thick tempered glass rectangular top with rounded corners, over a vintage wire and painted pine chicken coop base, with brass label stamped 'Dodet - La Reine de Bresse'. Height: 48cm Length: 94cm Width: 70cm
SOLD $100
321 20th century
The dining table with one extension leaf, with a thumb nail moulded edge top raised on carved ball and baluster legs with toupie feet and brass castors, together with a set of 6 balloon back chairs with curved mid-rails, upholstered to the stuffover seats in amber and gold striped fabric.
Height: 72cm Extended length: 163cm Width: 120cm (table) Height: 86cm (chair)
322 19th century
With a generous shaped back with a carved floral crest rail, above an upholstered back and shaped seat, flanked by carved padded arms and raised on carved cabriole legs, upholstered in a floral pattern damask in gold tones, the well-figured frame with nice patination.
Height: 109cm Width: 172cm Depth: 88cm
323 circa 1880
The hall chair with a narrow scroll carved back with a tapered seat, raised on turned tapering front legs.
Height: 101cm Width: 41cm Depth: 44cm
324 early 19th century
The upholstered settee with a rosewood frame decorated with stringing, satinwood and brass inlaid with swags, sprig motifs and paterae, on square tapering legs with spade feet to the front, upholstered in pale pink, green and beige floral medallion brocade.
Height: 89cm Width: 191cm Depth: 64cm
325 circa 1880
The pier display cabinet with a plain cavetto moulded top with a decorative frieze inlaid with ebony and boxwood zigzag banding over double doors with internal shelves and raised on a plinth base with short bracket feet, decorated throughout with stringing, pierced ormolu corbels, and cast brass rais-de-coeur and twist rope borders.
Height: 110cm Width: 115cm Depth: 33cm
326 19th century
The rustic walnut low display cabinet with two glazed doors opening to an interior with a single shelf.
Height: 92cm Width: 105cm Depth: 43cm
SOLD $100
327 Mid-20th century
With shaped three quarter galleries, one with three small drawers, the other with a single drawer and open compartment, shaped aprons to both and raised on cabriole
Height: 73cm Width: 36cm Depth: 31cm
328 circa 1880s
The moulded and galleried top above a bevelled edge rectangular mirror flanked by fluted pilasters and surrounded by polished brass hooks, with a variegated marble shelf with single drawer on turned tapering supports, flanked by brass umbrella stands with removable drip pans to the U-shaped moulded base.
Height: 244cm Width: 128cm Depth: 64cm
SOLD $600
329 19th century
With an everted pediment over two glazed doors with carved foliate scrolls to the top, enclosing three serpentine shelves, the slightly extended lower section with a central small drawer above panelled double doors with similar decoration.
Height: 204cm Width: 110cm Depth: 61cm
330 19th century. The secretaire bookcase with an architectural pediment above two glazed doors flanked by corbels, with three internal shelves, above a roll top opening to an interior fitted with a pull out green tooled leather writing slide and an arrangement of huon pine veneered small drawers and pigeon holes, above two panelled cupboards with shelves, all raised upon a plinth base.
Height: 229cm Width: 113cm Depth: 61cm
331 Mid-20th century
The bedside tables with plain tops to serpentine edges, one with three small drawers, the other with a single drawer and open compartment, with a shaped aprons, and raised on cabriole legs.
Height: 73cm Width: 41cm Depth: 35cm
332 Mid-20th century
With shaped three quarter galleries, one with three small drawers, the other with a single drawer and open compartment, shaped aprons to both and raised on cabriole legs.
333 19th century
Unusual, the top display cabinet with an extended cornice above glazed doors opening to internal shelves, with concealed cupboards to the sides, upon a chest of four graduated and beaded drawers with turned handles, raised on later bracket feet, with ebony stringing to the cornice.
Height: 178cm Width: 120cm Depth: 57cm
334 Mid-20th century
The elegant pair of bedside tables, each with a plain rectangular top, above a single panelled drawer and raised on tapering square section legs with brass capped feet united by an undertier.
Height: 73cm Width: 44cm Depth: 32cm
SOLD $520
335 20th century
With a slightly extended cornice with dentil moulding, above a thirteen pane astragal glazed door opening to two shaped shelves, the extended base with a shaped panelled door, canted edges to the upper and lower sections and upon ogee shaped bracket feet. Height: 181cm Width: 67cm Depth: 42cm
SOLD $60
336 early 20th century
The low bookcase with two large astragal glazed doors with fluted sides, opening to three internal shelves, raised on bracket feet.
Height: 137cm Width: 137cm Depth: 33cm
SOLD $280
337 Mid-20th century
Each with a three quarter galleried top with strung quarter veneer reserve of floral inlay, above three drawers to a shaped apron, and raised on slender tapering cabriole legs, with gilt metal foliate handles.
Height: 74cm Width: 38cm Depth: 29cm
338 19th century
The untreated pine storage trunk of dovetailed construction, later restored and sanded, with a brass escutcheon and side handles.
Height: 50cm Length: 107cm Width: 58cm
SOLD $80
339 19th century
The imposing armchair with a cartouche shaped padded high back and C-scroll arched frame to outswept scroll arms and shaped seat on foliate carved cabriole legs terminating in claw-and-ball feet, recently reupholstered in beige-toned floral cut velvet.
Height: 118cm Width: 76cm Depth: 72cm
340 late 19th century
With a channel grooved show frame, button spoon back and a serpentine stuffover seat, padded arms with scrolling supports with whorl terminals flowing to cabriole legs with whorl feet, upholstered in pale green velvet.
Height: 96cm Width: 69cm Depth: 88cm
341 19th century
The small circular tripod table with bevelled mirror tops raised on with three turned and Dresden porcelain mounted columns with encrusted and painted flowers to scrolled capitals, terminating in shaped legs.
Height: 83cm Diameter: 41cm Width: 56cm
SOLD $220
342 19th century
The pair with a bowed spade back above with carved columnar sides and horizontal splat to an upholstered seat, raised on turned tapering front legs.
Height: 84cm Width: 49cm Depth: 54cm

Untitled Fantasy House Watercolour and ink, signed and dated 1963 lower right. Height: 54cm Width: 74cm

SOLD $190